About Success


To facilitate professional development among the Meharry student body through a series of informative and interactive sessions.


Each session is designed to focus on a discrete facet of The Well-Rounded Professional. In a series of seven 1-hour dialogues, students will be engaged by an array of credible professionals, each with expertise in a respective field of interest. During each session, students will be equipped with usable tools and skill-sets to aid in diversification and professional refinement. The overarching goal is to enrich the student body, and thus, strengthen the Meharry brand through inter-institutional programming.

Discussion Points:

  • Dress – Presentation, grooming, flexibility within dress codes, building a  functional wardrobe.
  • Apply – Navigating interviews & apps, time management, email etiquette & follow-up techniques.
  • Branding – Discussion of self-marketing, selling yourself…not selling out, building a brand, learning to tell a story, the verbal and non-verbal elevator pitch.
  • Speak – Professional communication, written communication, informed dialogue.
  • Dine – Discussion of etiquette, from business dining to fine dining, date etiquette.
  • Network – How to network, building social capital, becoming a connector, the art of small talk, importance of business cards.
  • Budget/Planning – Financial empowerment, wise investments, saving and planning.

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