About Chi


The Mighty Chi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was founded on December 5, 1919 at Meharry Medical College.

Charter Members:

  • Bro. O. D. McFall   |   Bro. W. J. Dowdell
  • Bro. P. R. Invin      |   Bro. N. H. Raines
  • Bro. J. J. Carter     |    Bro. H. H. Brown
  • Bro. L. M. Donald  |   Bro. T. L. Allen
  • Bro. X. P. Taylor    |   Bro. C. M. Baker
  • Bro. J. H. Moore    |   Bro. T. C. Henderson
  • Bro. J. D. Williams |  Bro. W. A. Zuben
  • Bro. B. J. Lockley   |  Bro. W. H. Smith
  • Bro. J. H. Crooke    |  Bro. J. P. Robinson

(Installed by Brother Lucius L. McGee)

Our Legacy of Collegiate Development

In 1926, Bro. William Edward Burghardt DuBois made a call for brothers of the fraternity to be instrumental in collegiate development. It was the Men of Chi Chapter who boldly answered this call.  Bro. Charles H. Wesley writes:

“…Brother W. E. B. DuBois, through an article in the Sphinx on “Alpha Phi Alpha and Fisk University, ” asked the fraternity to interest itself in the pressing necessity of freeing Fisk University from certain influences which seemed to be detrimental to the development of manhood and womanhood in the [Black] Population. His appeal was ended with the question, “What is Alpha Phi Alpha doing to help Fisk and to help [Black] education?” Through Chi Chapter in Nashville, Tennessee, an active interest was manifested…”

Our tradition of institutional development, professional enrichment, and the refinement of scholars is continued today at Meharry Medical College.


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